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Wellness Products to Promote and Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle

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Promolife offers high-quality products, from air purifiers to water filtration systems, the company is a leader in ozone and oxygen therapy.


The Aqua Chi Foot Bath has helped thousands of users: boost energy levels, increase vitality, and achieve optimal wellness. Let the Aqua Chi Foot Bath energize your life!


Purelife Is The Only USA Company Who Manufacturers Stainless Steel Enema Buckets And Glass Enema Buckets Here.  Only Clean Stainless Steel From The USA Is Used.


This is the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, the most advanced far infrared sauna on Earth. RELAX Far Infrared Sauna is more effective because of advanced technology.

Dr. Dave's Formulas

Formula 1


This formula was generated to address problems that occur with the use of alcohol, marijuana, SSRI antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and other less caustic mind-altering chemicals.

Formula 2


This formula is used on opiate dependency, methamphetamine, cocaine, and antidepressants such as Effexor, or others that act principally on nor-epinephrine neurotransmitter circuits. This formula works well on depression that is a result of dopamine deficiency.


Please call “The Source” at 602-234-1158 and tell them you were referred by Dr. Rebecca and would like to order either the Tyrosine Plus Formula or the Tyrosine with Mucuna Formula. The front desk will help you from there.

If you would like to contact Dr. Dave, the inventor of the formula, please read the following.

Communication: Since I am hearing impaired, I rarely take phone calls to address questions, yet I want anyone utilizing these formulas to feel absolutely free in contacting me via the internet. Unless I am out of town, I will answer emails 6 days per week. I have full confidence in the products that we have developed. These are the same formulas that we use on our in-house patients. You may contact me at th**********@ms*.com. In the subject bar write “Dr. Dave’s Formula questions”.

With respect, Dr. Dave

Please Note: Before ordering either product, we would like to make sure you are considering the correct kit. Please contact us to be sure!



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