Pain Management

What is Comprehensive Pain Management?

I have been working with complex pain patterns and providing pain management for many years.

I have combined years of hands-on work into a comprehensive approach to pain management.

Physical pain can be set up in the body in many ways whether the pain is acute, chronic, systemic, or local the comprehensive holistic approach helps to support the body to begin the healing journey.

I am not opposed to pain medications there is a time and a place, however, the final goal is to remove the need for any medications.

Pain can come from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or from various disease states including Lyme which cause full body issues.

When a patient comes into the office a full intake including a physical exam is performed along with a discussion of laboratory findings and imaging. We also discuss lifestyle and nutrition.

As a naturopathic doctor, I often look at laboratory results outside of mainstream medicine. For instance, I have seen heavy metal problems cause low immune function that can set the body up for many disease states that can cause systemic pain.

We discuss lowering stress levels. It is essential to look at the whole person. Did you know that a high-stress lifestyle can raise cortisol? High cortisol can cause ligament laxity, which means the adrenal response needs to be addressed.

The work I do involves hands-on techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue, applied kinesiology, and trigger point work. It is important to work out the knots in the muscles.  Also used are naturopathic adjustments to support proper body alignment and nerve conduction.

Some of the tools used are regenerative joint injections including prolotherapy, prolozone, PRP, trigger point injections, neural therapy, and stem cells.

We also look at diet and nutrition, is there something in the diet that is creating inflammation?

This video talks more about how I approach pain patterns and pain management!

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