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Ozone Therapy

Ozone (O3) is a gas consisting of three atoms of oxygen and is a highly reactive oxygen species. Every cell, tissue, organ, and organ system requires oxygen for proper function.

I utilize several therapies to deliver Ozone to your body so that it can metabolize the Ozone into Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is made naturally by the body. If we enhance its presence we can enhance a compromised immune system.

It can also metabolize into Nitric Oxide (also created naturally in the body). Nitric Oxide can improve your blood cells' function and reduce cell clotting.

Another naturally produced compound is Hypochlorous Acid. Hypochlorous Acid, also metabolized from Ozone, supports your white blood cells. White blood cells are your immune system's “front-line fighters”.

Diseases fight your immune system, Ozone gives your body the “fuel” to fight back.

In addition, Ozone may be one of the best antimicrobials there is for neutralizing many different bacteria, yeast/mold, viruses, parasites, and environmental toxicants.

Prolozone Therapy is where I combine Oxygen and Ozone in a gaseous state and provide it to your joints, tendons, and ligaments to promote healing.

Ozone, which is very activated oxygen, has been found to stimulate cell repair signaling. Oxygen is the most important nutrient for all cell functions. Combined they help heal damaged and injured tissues.

IV Therapy Santa Rosa

Intravenous (IV) Therapies

This is another effective way to bring your body the power of Ozone and with it, we can directly affect the condition of your blood cells, bringing wellness in a more healthy way than more toxic, traditional drug and chemical treatments.

Another use of IV Therapy is Chelation therapy (pronounced key-LAY-shun). Chelation is a process of removing heavy metals like mercury and lead from your body. It can also be used to remove the toxins your body picks up every day from exposure to our environment.

Chelation can also help break down the plaque in your arteries by removing calcium, the primary binding agent found in plaque.

With IV Therapy I can also provide your body with vital nutrients necessary to vital health. This is also extremely important in treating patients who are fighting addiction to alcohol and opiates (prescribed or street).

There are other uses of IV Therapy that I employ, and they are all intended to bring you a more healthy approach to your wellness.


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Live Blood Analysis / Dark Field Microscopy

Dark field microscopy can supply real-time visual information regarding the condition of a patient's blood. It requires specific illumination so that dyes and stains are not required, thus allowing the cells to be viewed "alive".

Once projected to a computer screen we can view it together and discuss the findings. The dark field image can show the condition of red blood cells and allow us to view high protein or fat, and cells damaged by free radicals.


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

This is a gentle rinsing and cleansing of a vital organ needed to increase your intake of nutrients. No chemicals or drugs are used, providing you with a natural method of removing any encrusted material that hinders the absorption of vital nutrition by your body.

Patients report this relaxing procedure to be effective in rejuvenating energy, and overall feelings of health and vitality. It is also effective at reducing the toxins in your bloodstream to further increase your wellness.

natural medicine santa rosa

Laboratory Testing

It's important for me to first examine any current lab work you've had done, including X-rays, MRI's and Dental. With that, I can determine any general lab work that may have been overlooked in your diagnosis.

I will also suggest more specialized tests to look for other possible contributors like environmental pollutants, heavy metals, parasites, mold, or other infections.

These factors do not always receive the consideration they deserve, and often directly impact your wellness.

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The first step is to collect information through observation and a conversation. This is called taking a Homeopathic case. This allows me to understand your state of being.

I can then analyze and evaluate your symptoms seeking their cause and the best way to treat them with natural remedies that have been seen to be effective for generations.

These all-natural remedies are far less invasive and more healthy than more common prescription remedies.


Neural Therapy

Procaine is one of the few synthetic treatments I apply. It's applications benefits are immeasurable though. When mixed with normal saline and introduced into scar tissue it can improve health in many areas of the body.

Scar tissue can affect your bodies bio-electrical function, it's almost like having a battery implanted in your largest organ, your skin. The energy flowing from scarred tissue can literally adversely affect function in other organs, thus causing a variety of illness.

This makes Procaine, in some cases, an indispensable tool in maintaining healthy wellness.

Trigger Point Therapy Santa Rosa

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a form of Neural Therapy. Trigger point therapy can be performed manually by applying specific pressure to hyperirritable areas located in taut bands of skeletal muscle.

Trigger points can be the source of radiating pain.

Procaine is sometimes used prior to the pressure application to assist in the healing process.




Naturopathic Manipulation

Though very similar to Chiropractic treatments, Naturopathic Manipulation is performed as a component of a more holistic application of your structural alignment and it's relationship to your overall wellness.

By using these techniques in combination with other treatments, I can be effective at eliminating a full spectrum of illnesses.

Naturopathic Manipulation can also increase your mobility, a key ingredient in the quality of your life! 


Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is using the healing power of nature to support and nurture the body's own innate ability to address chronic or acute illness.

Herbs can be used to support every organ system and can be utilized for specific issues like sleep disturbance, anxiety, parasites, and more.

40% of prescription drugs are synthesized from plants. For instance, Taxol (a cancer drug) is derived from Yew trees, and aspirin from White Willow bark. You don't need to synthesize to get similar results from a natural substance.

After an assessment, I individualize tinctures made specifically to support your healing process.



Nutrional Education

Information about the importance of nutrition can be found almost everywhere these days, after all, it is the keystone to health. You can read everything you need to know about macronutrients, micronutrients and how they interact to nourish your body.

This information is wonderful for helping a healthy individual stay that way, but when you are fighting an illness or disease, this information needs to be more specific to your needs.

I provide a complete analysis of your current condition and show you how to adjust your diet for the optimal nutritional support you need. This is vital for individuals that are recovering from addiction to alcohol or opiates.


Bach Flower Remedies

Back in 1936, Dr. Edward Bach brought these gems from nature to us.

Bach Flower Remedies are used to promote balance between body and mind. When the body’s emotional health falls out of balance due to life’s many stressors these remedies support the return of peace and happiness.

Your original intake examination combined with Applied Kinesiology is used to find the appropriate remedies for your individual treatment.


Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF therapy is based on the earth's own “electromagnetic field” (EMF). Our bodies utilize the earth's electromagnetic field for energy and to modulate our Circadian rhythms.

Every cell in the body runs on energy, when this energy is in a proper range the cell can perform properly. A healthy cell runs between 70-100 mW. Diminished cells at about 60. Chronically diseased cells are about 40 and Cancerous cells are at a mere 20.

PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair by assisting cells to return to their healthy energy levels.

Microcurrent (too low to be normally felt) applied to an injured site supports proper cellular electrical potential by allowing bioelectricity to re-establish balance.

This process allows for the movement of vital nutrients like magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium in and out of the cell, and as well the removal of waste products.

Pain relief can often be felt in the midst of the treatment...